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Facial Whitening Treatment

With the rampant pollution all around us and with the advent of a sedentary lifestyle; our skin goes through complete changes every day. But it changes for the worse. The skin that we are born with slowly, gradually gives way to a much more damaged skin with the passage of time. The pollution, stress, chemicals, free radicals in the air and the food that we consume all causes this decay in our skin texture and colour. Also combined with the relentless air-conditioning that our skin is exposed to; very soon our skin starts to lose the suppleness elasticity all leading to skin darkening. Who wouldn’t want to have skin as “white as alabaster?” Thus the only option to gain that is through whitening treatment of the skin.

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Best Facial Whitening treatment

Whitening treatment is age-old treatment of making the skin tone fairer or lighter by using substances specifically aimed at doing so. There could be specific zones or highly pigmented areas which also may be depigmented by this whitening treatment to match the surrounding skin. Ore the unaffected skin may also be lightened to have a more uniform and appealing approach.

We at Ardmore believe in making use of the best of medical facilities and aesthetic treatments and thus combine these two to attain a result aimed at satisfying our most discerning patrons.

Our Skin Whitening Treatment is a combination of Hydroxyl Acids & Vitamin C together.

Hydroxyl acids- Alpha and Beta have been known since ages to have properties to help reduce discoloration, pigmentation fine lines  and give the skin a healthy glow and a burst of radiance.  Cleopatra taking batch in sour curd is just what she used in those days as the alpha hydroxyl acid compound.

Vitamin C, the water soluble vitamin is also a natural skin lightening agent. Thus the combined combination of Alpha and Beta Hydroxyl acids along with intensive Vitamin C therapy infused by a revolutionary electro oration diffusion system and Pulsed Light technology brightens and rejuvenates your skin surface. Dramatically.

Not only skin lightness and brightness this whitening treatment at Ardmore will also make you experience skin firmness and brightness once more like never before.

So come celebrate the glory of your skin with the skin whitening treatment at Ardmore.

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