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Skin Tightening

With the onset of age and pollutions our skin starts to lose the elasticity and the suppleness that one possessed earlier. This results in the skin sagging and becoming loose; thereby making the facial features or specific areas in the body looking ungainly and in turn tends to look ugly. Thus to rectify and address the problem of skin sagging the only solution which offers itself is the process of skin tightening and skin firming.

This skin tightening procedure can be both surgical and non-surgical or in medical terminology ablative and non-ablative. Both the procedures have gained equal popularity in terms of efficacy. Apart from Cosmetic surgery; the other treatment namely Radio Frequency for treating loose and sagging skin has been found to be extremely effective. In the past couple of decades the gamut and evolving technology of using radio frequency technique to treat sagging loose skin has increased in manifold and gained immense popularity.

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How the Radio Frequency treatment works -

The Radio Frequency technique works most effectively. What had started off as a single Radio Frequency device has rapidly progressed in to bi polar tri polar to almost eight polar energy being used in various devices helping effectively in skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.

What does the Radio Frequency treatment do?

What the Radio Frequency treatment does is send the Radio frequency energy to selectively penetrate the areas of skin and heat the skin tissues and reach till where the collagen fibers are embedded. This causes a remarkable increase in the production of collagen and elastin fibers. The local heat that the Radio Frequency produces causes a contraction of the collagen fibers; simultaneously increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts which in turn increases and accelerates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. As young elastic skin depends on a high amount of structural protein namely collagen and elastin. These help the skin to resist changes such as folding sagging or wrinkling. This treatment has been found to be medically safe and cohesive. Any side effects like erythema and edema found to have occurred are not of paramount importance and have also been observed to be resolved within a reasonable time span thereby guaranteeing a safe skin tightening procedure.

This type of Radio Frequency treatment requires expert guidance and personalized care from trained and dedicated professionals. The amount of Radio frequency to be used on a particular client and also the areas to be targeted and the know how is all of vital importance in administering the same.

Why come to Ardmore?

If you are looking for a firmer and younger looking skin Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic will offer you the latest radio frequency treatment thereby improving the appearance of sagging skin around the stomach and thighs penetrating the skin layers for an immediate contraction of collagen fibers thereby stimulating the process of producing more collagen resulting in the appearance of tighter and firmer looking skin. Ardmore is committed to give you the best result in skin tightening.

So come celebrate the glory of your skin with the skin whitening treatment at Ardmore.

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