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Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment

Using the latest advanced ALMA technology, our V Face Laser is the most effective treatment for fat reduction and skin tightening, leaving you with a slimmer and more contoured face with absolutely no down time.

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Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment Services

Since time immemorial human beings have sought and aspired for a shapely trim and elegant body. To have a physique like Adonis or Venus have been the dream of countless men and women.
In recent times with modern lifestyle changes and pollution playing havoc in our lives, the working pattern and lifestyle pattern being changed this has given rise to eating disorders leading to consuming more of junk food which in turn has led to obesity.

Fat when added up, can create ungainly and unseeingly cellulite formation thereby disfiguring the otherwise gainly physical appearance.

There are various ways and means to get rid of these cellulite formation and unwanted fat. The most effective technology is the Ultrasound cavitations or the ultrasound liposuction. This path berating revolutionary process was propounded in Europe the ease of this entire process is that there is no anaesthesia and no surgery whatsoever, thereby negating the hassle of hospitalization and subsequent painful recovery time.

This system uses cavitations technique which allows for non surgical attack on the fat deposits, which had otherwise been immovable and unreachable despite numerous rigorous exercise regimen and stringent dieting system.

Unlike liposuction, this is completely non surgical. Therefore ultrasound cavitation allows one to see immediate results and continues to show results over a period of time. What Ultrasonic Cavitations does is it destroys intractable fat cells by using low frequency sound waves. This type of innovative sound wave can destroy the fat cells without causing any kind of damage to any other tissues or organs other than the adipose or fatty tissues.

At Ardmore we use this award winning Cavitation treatment from the 3D Lipo-Plus system using ultrasound technology to break down all the localized fat and deep cellulite. During this treatment, the cell membrane of the fat cell is ruptured, with ultra sound waves; causing the cell to turn into liquid, which is then gradually processed away by the body naturally.

This at Ardmore with the Ultrasound Cavitation clients can experience the result and see some svelte body form and contouring after two to three hours from the beginning of the treatment.
Come at Ardmore and celebrate your body once again with our award winning and path breaking ultra sound cavitation system.

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